CyberSec News

Congratulations to Dr. Ming for publishing BinSim paper at USENIX Security 2017

In his second published work (first as 1st author) since obtaining his PhD, Dr. Ming's research on BinSim, a tool for detecting the semantic equivalence of obfuscated binaries, was published at USENIX Security 2017 in Vancouver, BC, which is one of the four main top-tier security conferences. He demonstrated his outstanding work through various experiments and theories.

Congratulations to John Podolanko for publishing LiLAC paper at IEEE PAC 2017

In his second publication of 2017, John Podolanko (and former lab members Revanth Pobala, Hussain Mucklai, and Dr. Wright) published their work on LiLAC - a lightweight, low-latency, anonymous chat system - at the 1st annual IEEE Privacy Aware Computing conference in Washington D.C.

Congratulations to John Podolanko, Dr. Ming and Dr. Wright for publishing Bitcoin Defense paper at ConPro Workshop at IEEE S&P 2017

John Podolanko, Dr. Ming and Dr. Wright have published their work on Countering the Double-Spend Attack in Bitcoin Fast Pay Transactions at the Consumer Protections workshop at IEEE Security & Privacy 2017 in San Jose, CA. This paper marks the completion of John's primary work under the supervision of Dr. Wright over the past two years.

John Podolanko to attend NDSS 2017 in San Diego, CA

Welcoming Dr. Ming to the Cyber Security Lab as Dr. Wright takes a position with Rochester Institute of Technology

Dr. Matthew Wright accepted a position as Directory of the Center for Cyber Security at Rochester Institute of Technology. Dr. Jiang Ming, a recent PhD graduate from Pennsylvania State University will fill the vacancy.