About the CyberSec Lab

CyberSec (The Cyber Security Lab) at UT Arlington is a research group based in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

CyberSec conducts research on malware and blockchain-based crypto currencies. With an emphasis on practical results, we seek to develop technologies to secure current and emerging applications. Our research interests include:

  • Using semantic equivalence of binaries to identify malware
  • Ransomware detection and prevention using hardware performance counters
  • Bitcoin and blockchain-based currency defenses

The group is directed by Professor Jiang Ming, PhD, and he currently mentors 3 graduate students and 1 undergraduate student. Former directors of this lab include Dr. Donggang Liu who has sadly passed away and Dr. Matthew Wright, who is now the director of the Center for Cybersecurity at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Current undergraduate and graduate students at UT Arlington who are interested in computer security research should review the Research page and contact one of the affiliated faculty.

CyberSec Research Highlight

Android Security

The number of Android malware has increased greatly during the last few years. Static analysis is widely used in detecting such malware by analyzing the code without execution. However, the effectiveness of current tools depends on the app model as well as the malware detection algorithm that analyzes the app model. More at Research Page

>For more information, see Dexteroid: Detecting Malicious Behaviors in Android Apps Using Reverse-Engineered Life Cycle Models

Ransomware Defense

Ransomware has gone mainstream, and it can be devastating to home users and businesses alike. Even still, ransomware is difficult to detect because it often behaves like benign encryption software. The aim of our research is develop a way to detect and stop zero-day ransomware dead in its tracks with minimal or no data loss.